IBM program is a bachelor degree program in the Faculty of Economics that offers a four-year study program. All courses are taught in English and will emphasize on the internationalization of business. IBM program highlights on academic as well as professional studies. The curriculum is designed to help the students to apply theory into practice and to detect and solve complex business problems in the international setting. The total credit hours that must be completed by a student to achieve the bachelor degree is 144 credit semester units, with the minimum length of study of seven semesters and maximum of 14 semesters. After completing all the required courses, students of IBM program will gain a degree title namely Sarjana Manajemen (S.M).

The learning process in IBM Program emphasizes on the high interaction between lecturers and students. The types of teaching method vary from lecturing, case analysis, group discussion, movie analysis, debate, and presentation. From the beginning of the semester, students are trained to present their assignments/project. Most of the assignments/projects will be in a group, so it is highly required for every student to participate actively in finding data, contributing in group discussions, and to manage his or her time to get the best out of the dynamic learning process.

The learning process in IBM Program will prepare the students to be a trustworthy professional, one who finishes his or her assignments excellently and ethically. Moreover, several kinds of off-classroom activities support the curriculum such as professional development, workshops, national/international excursion study, field trips, business competition, social activities, and many more.

There are three career prospects of IBM graduates: entrepreneurs, business professionals, and consultants.

In summary, IBM program is committed not only to improving the cognitive aspect of its students but also to strengthen their integrity and shape their professional attitude.

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