Enspirit 4.0 International Start-Up Youth Competition

15 Mei 2023

Congratulations to Salzabila Musa (IBMer Batch 2020), who with Steven Adrian G. (Informatics Batch 2021) and Amelia Wibisono (Data Science and Analytics Batch 2022) has just won first place in an international competition called Enspirit 4.0. Enspirit 4.0 is an annual international competition held by Ciputra University, Surabaya. Participants are required to create a business idea and pitch it, including creating a business proposal and prototype video, a ten-minute pitch presentation, and a fifteen-minute pitch deck and Q&A session with a panel of judges and potential investors.

Once again congratulations to Salza and her team. We are proud of you and looking forward to celebrating more wins with you! 🥳

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