Favorite Winner - TechConnect Hackathon Batch 3

31 Okt 2022

Let us all cheer for our favorite PengWins who was chosen as the favorite winner in TechConnect Hackathon Batch 3, a national competition held in Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Jogjakarta by TechConnect (Sinarmas Mining), partnering with Nanovest, UGM, Siminvest, and Bank Sinarmas.

The team, which consisted of three IBMers from Batch 2020 (Hansen Wellianto, Ricardo Angky, and Salzabila Musa) and one IBE student (Gloria Joy), participated in the ideas generation category where they had to pitch innovations (including the UI/UX and prototype) for Nanovest which also solved the concerns in the problem statement.

Congratulations to Hansen, Ricardo, Salza, and Gloria! We are all looking forward to your next big wins!

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