MITRA 5.0 Program on Human Capital Empowerment for Technology Ecosystem

24 Mei 2022

Congratulations to Ms. Tessa Vanina Soetanto, M.Com., an IBM full-time lecturer, for being selected as one of the participants for "MITRA 5.0 program on Human Capital Empowerment for Technology Ecosystem." MITRA 5.0 is a joint program developed by Monash University, Indonesia, and Traveloka Academy to build an excellent digital talent pool for the technology industry. Together with three other lecturers from Faculty of Business and Economics at Petra Christian University as well as other academicians from universities all over Indonesia, Ms. Tessa will learn about the skills and knowledge needed by graduates to stay competitive in the technology sector. Through real cases in digital and technology industry, she will learn the world class knowledge needed to stay relevant in the fast-changing technology sector that she can later share to her colleagues and students.

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