Protocol 01 A.E. Digital Transformation

01 Des 2015

Seminar in International Business (Special Guest Speaker from Lazada)

Seminar in International Business or SIB for short, is an annual event which is held by IBMers; to be specific, students from 3rd Semester and 7th Semester. Students from 3rd Semester will act as the marketers for the event and students from 7th Semester will act as the speakers of the event. SIB will focus on the business aspect which is applied in international world. SIB will share business experience from the expert. Not only that, SIB will also teach us about strategies and theories that we can apply in the real business world. There are case studies, theoretical background, coffee break, and also door prize; all of which will be brought to the audiences through a unique and thematic way.

The New Earth
New Earth will be a new way of doing business after the audiences have been digitally transformed. The old, conventional way of doing business is getting obsolete and that is why they need a training to achieve Digital Transformation to be prosper in the New Earth.
PROTOCOL 01 A.E. – The First Mission
In SIB 2015 PROTOCOL 01 A.E. which was located in T5, audiences were brought to a space shuttle to undergo a series of simulation to prepare them for the New Earth. The main topic of this SIB was how a business could reach Digital Transformation through three kinds of path. Audiences first were briefed by the commander of the spaceship (AVT 5.02) for their simulations.

The Simulations
Audiences then were rotated to three different paths, each with their own theories on how a business could reach Digital Transformation. There were also question and answer in each simulation rooms, in which audiences could get freebies as proof of being active throughout the simulation.

Coffee Break!
After undergoing a series of simulations, it was time for the audiences to take a rest and enjoy a coffee break. There were lots of snacks and drinks provided in two areas of T5.

The Case Studies
After taking enough break, audiences then were brought back to the spaceship to analyse a concrete example of companies which had already reached Digital Transformation. Xiaomi and Valve were the two concrete examples of it. Following that, a Questions and Answers session was up next. Questions were asked for the speakers from the lecturers, other SIB group members, and as well as the audiences.

Mission Accomplished!
At the end of the event, a special person was called to have a talk show. It was no other than the CCO of Lazada, René Janssen. He gave information on how an e-commerce company, specifically Lazada, could be successful up until now.

Digitally Transformed!
Finally, after finishing the event of SIB 2015 PROTOCOL 01 A.E. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, audiences will be ready to go to the New Earth be prosper there. All left now is for the audiences to apply the theory that they had learned in this event.

See you in the New Earth!

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