First Winner - LO Kreatif 2022
05 Des 2022

Let’s begin our December by congratulating Jerico Sasmita, a Batch 2020 IBMer, and his team mates, Johanes Yudi Prihadi (Business Management), and Nicholas Jason (DKV) who won the FIRST place at the LO Kreatif Competition for the Short Video Category. LO Kreatif is a national competition held for private university students by Asosiasi Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Indonesia (APTISI) Wilayah VII, East Java, whose purpose is to cultivate creative innovation to support the government’s Merdeka Belajar effort. Once again, congratulations to Jerico, Johanes, and Nicholas! We’re so proud of you and are looking forward to your next big wins!

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Favorite Winner - TechConnect Hackathon Batch 3
22 Okt 2022

Let us all cheer for our favorite PengWins who was chosen as the favorite winner in TechConnect Hackathon Batch 3, a national competition held in Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Jogjakarta by TechConnect (Sinarmas Mining), partnering with Nanovest, UGM, Siminvest, and Bank Sinarmas.

The team, which consisted of three IBMers from Batch 2020 (Hansen Wellianto, Ricardo Angky, and Salzabila Musa) and one IBE student (Gloria Joy), participated in the ideas generation category where they had to pitch innovations (including the UI/UX and prototype) for Nanovest which also solved the concerns in the problem statement.

Congratulations to Hansen, Ricardo, Salza, and Gloria! We are all looking forward to your next big wins!

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Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) 2022
02 Jun 2022

Six cheers and a toast for six IBMers (in alphabetical order): Daniel Victor, Jennifer Tjitra, Leonardus Bryan, and Viriyani (Batch 2019), and Phebe and Timothy Christian Setioso (Batch 2020) who are all accepted in the IISMA Program.

IISMA is a prestigious government sponsored program providing full scholarships for students all over Indonesia to study abroad for one semester. Victor, Jennifer, Bryan, Viriyani, Phebe, and Timothy will go to six different universities in Korea, Taiwan, the UK, and Canada.

Congratulations to you all! We hope that your semester abroad experience will enrich you both personally and professionally.

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MITRA 5.0 Program on Human Capital Empowerment for Technology Ecosystem
24 Mei 2022

Congratulations to Ms. Tessa Vanina Soetanto, M.Com., an IBM full-time lecturer, for being selected as one of the participants for "MITRA 5.0 program on Human Capital Empowerment for Technology Ecosystem." MITRA 5.0 is a joint program developed by Monash University, Indonesia, and Traveloka Academy to build an excellent digital talent pool for the technology industry. Together with three other lecturers from Faculty of Business and Economics at Petra Christian University as well as other academicians from universities all over Indonesia, Ms. Tessa will learn about the skills and knowledge needed by graduates to stay competitive in the technology sector. Through real cases in digital and technology industry, she will learn the world class knowledge needed to stay relevant in the fast-changing technology sector that she can later share to her colleagues and students.

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Meme Seger Open 3.0 Competition (MSO 3.0)
13 Apr 2022

Just the good news we need to kick start the week! Salza and Joshua won yet another debate competition. This time from the Meme Seger Open 3.0 Competition, which was held by Meme Seger, a debate platform where debaters from all over Indonesia can learn, practice, and compete with one another. The dynamic duo, referring to their team as “Kumo,” while using the stage name Feitan (Salza) and Phinks (Joshua), won the first place after defeating debaters from all over Indonesia. Congratulations to Feitan and Phinks! Announcing your wins will never get old, so bring them on! πŸ’ͺ

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Varsity English Debate Competition (VEDC) Purpose 2022
01 Apr 2022

Finally, the hat trick we have been waiting for from our dynamic duo in debate! Joshua Chang (Batch 2018) and Salzabila Musa (2020) were once again crowned as the first-place winner in the prestigious Varsity English Debate Competition (VEDC) held by Universitas Pelita Harapan, Jakarta. Debaters from universities in Indonesia and abroad, such as the Singapore Institute of Management, Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Gadjah Mada, and many more, participated in the competition. Three cheers for Joshua and Salza for their third first-place win! We are proud of you and we are looking forward to your future achievements.

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24 Feb 2022

Praise the Lord as Petra Christian University gets the 18th rank for "Pemeringkatan Bidang Kemahasiswaan (SIMKATMAWA) 2021" from the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia (DIKTI- Kemdikbud RI). The IBM Program is honored to have had the opportunity to take part in the effort to achieve this accomplishment!   

Soli Deo Gloria!

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ASEAN University Network - Quality Assurance
11 Des 2021

Congratulations to the Undergraduate Program in Management of Petra Christian University for getting an accreditation from the ASEAN University Network - Quality Assurance (AUN-QA)! πŸŽ‰

The accreditation is a proof that the Management Study Program has been deemed to possess and display ASEAN-standard excellence in education. We hope this will open more opportunities for cooperation with other universities in ASEAN 😊

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National Idea 2021
24 Nov 2021

Another good news came from our very own dynamic duo in debate, Salzabila Musa (Batch 2020) and Joshua Chang (Batch 2018) who won yet another national debate competition, National Idea 2021, which was held by Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya. The team, aptly named Extrasensory Extroverts, was crowned as the national debate champion.

Congratulations, Salza and Joshua! We are waiting for another good news from you to make it a hat trick. Fighting! πŸ˜‰

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Debate ALSA Crushbone Competition Ver. 2
04 Nov 2021

Congratulations to our very own Salzabila Musa (Batch 2020) and Joshua Chang (Batch 2018) who won the first place at the ACC Ver. 2, a national debate competition held by Gadjah Mada University. Salza and Joshua were crowned as the champion of the debate after leading the competition in the semifinal as the first breaking team (the team advancing to the semifinal with the highest victory points).

In addition, Joshua also won the Best Speaker Award in the competition.

Once again, congratulations to these two amazing IBMers! We are very proud of you!

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National Problem Solving Competition (NPSC) 2021
05 Mei 2021

Congratulations to three IBMers from batch 2018 (in alphabetical order): Alicia Mulyono, Chindy Juventia, and Natalien Valerry who won the First Place in the National Problem Solving Competition (NPSC) 2021: "Breaking Through The Boundaries of Business Digitalization", held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Manajemen of Universitas Widya Mandala, Surabaya.

The girls, who chose the name Spacerangers for their team, managed to perform well and became one of the top five teams during the Preliminary Round, in which 18 teams from universities all over Indonesia competed. After advancing to the main stage, Alicia, Chindy, and Natalien ended up nabbing the top spot after performing well in the jackpot solution game, and after proposing innovative business strategies for Gojek and Sociolla.

Regardless of their busy schedule preparing for midterm, the Spacerangers have shown that knowledge, combined with creativity, perseverance, hard work and of course, some time management, can make winning possible.

Congratulations on winning the First Place, Spacerangers! We are proud of you, and we are looking forward to hearing more great things from you. Remember, the sky is the limit: like the most famous space ranger once said, “To infinity, and beyond!” (Lightyear, 1995).

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Business Competition IMCB Day 4.0
05 Des 2020

Our weekend has just been made that much brighter by the news that three Batch 2018 IBMers: Like, Thomas, and Joshua, won the first place in the Business Competition IMCB Day 4.0. The competition was held by Bina Nusantara University (BINUS) and was joined by university delegates from all over Indonesia.

Biggest congratulations to Like, Thomas, and Joshua, whose wit, creativity, teamwork, and perseverance have propelled them the top! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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Kelontong Business Challenge
06 Agu 2020

Congratulations to IBM Batch 2017 students: Melissa, Jennifer Giovanni, and Christina Aprilia for winning the Kelontong Business Challenge.

These three IBMers proposed a brilliant business strategy for "toko kelontong" to increase its competitiveness in the digital age and they successfully claimed the 2nd place position among 560 other teams from 120 universities all over Indonesia.

"What I learned at IBM was useful for this race and I could apply the said knowledge. I'm glad to be able to help Indonesian SME businesses, especially Indonesian grocery stores." - Melissa

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National Short Film Competition - Gemoni (Gerakan Muda Ono Niha)
06 Okt 2020

One of the strong characteristics that IBMers will cultivate throughout their study at IBM is their teamwork skills. Jerico Sasmita Adi (IBM Batch 2020; front row, 3rd from the left) displayed his teamwork skills by joining forces with six other students from various departments at Petra Christian University in a National Short Film Competition (Lomba Film Pendek Tingkat Nasional) held by GEMONI. Their short film, titled “Re-Dream,” which raises the issue of gender inequalities, won two awards: the 1st place in the University Student Category, and 2nd Rank in Overall Champion. Congratulations to Jerico and his team for the excellent teamwork and outstanding achievement! You can watch the full movie at 😁

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National University Debate Championship 2020
09 Okt 2020

Sometimes we tend to forget that in order to reach the top, we need to climb a long flight of stairs first. Joshua Chang (IBM Batch 2018) displayed his wit and tenacity while participating in the 2020 National University Debate Championship (NUDC), an annual competition organized by DIKTI. Chosen as one of the official delegation members for Kopertis VII (East Java), Joshua worked together with Charaqua Vania (English for Creative Industries, Petra Christian University) during the competition, and they advanced together to the Semifinal round in the Open Category. By the grace of God, Joshua was awarded the 5th Best Speaker award after competing against the other 231 debaters, all of whom were qualified to compete at the National level.
We are proud that Joshua has gotten this far on his journey to the top. Congratulations, Joshua, keep moving forward, because you are well on your way!

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30 Jan 2019

IBM loves Bali!

This year IBM designated its destination for National Excursion in Bali, the tourist-attracting island from 6-10 January 2019. National Excursion is an event held by the International Business Management Program of Petra Christian University. IBM wishes to give students the chance to visit global companies and enrich their knowledge in this opportunity.

"National Excursion gives me the opportunity to open my mind and learn about new amazing things, especially when we spend most of our time in T5. However, what matters most is that we did our journey, together," said one of National Excursion participants, Hermawan from batch 2016. Another participant, Olivia Rahayu from batch 2016, said “National excursion gives me the opportunity to learn more from the local expertise that succeeds in bringing their own business to the national scale. Because in IBM usually, we learn more about International business, it is also important to know about our local business more.”

National Excursion 2019 gives special thanks to Secret Garden, Joger, ITDC, Gusto, Waterbom, and Krisna for having us.

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WholisticTeam: National Champion & Regional 1st Runner-Up
18 Feb 2019

WholisticTeam, a team of four final year students of the International Business Management program from Petra Christian University, Indonesia, was crowned 1st Runner-Up of the Fintech category in the CIMB 3D Conquest Grand Finale held in Kuala Lumpur last Friday (18/1). Previously, the team won the National Champion title in the competition’s In-Country Indonesia round. The four students are Fetricia Magdalena Bunanta, Jessica Halim, Patrick Giovanni Wongsosaputro, and Kenny Natanael Tandra.

CIMB 3D Conquest is the inaugural hackathon-style competition open to university students across ASEAN with three categories: Fintech, Coding, and Data Science. The hackathon’s partners include Cloudera and Fusionex for the Data Science track, SAS Malaysia and Amazon Web Services for FinTech and Oracle Malaysia for Coding. Malaysia Airlines is the Official Airline for the fourth consecutive year in supporting CIMB's youth development initiatives. The event is also supported by digital content portal Disruptive Tech Asean. The competition began on September 18, 2018, with 715 participating teams from 200 universities across 9 ASEAN countries. Subsequently, 213 teams from seven countries made it to the In-Country stage of the competition held in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. At the Grand Finale, a total of nine teams were selected as winners. The Champion teams from each track won a total of US$8,000 as well as a trip to Silicon Valley , and all finalists received standing job or internship offers from CIMB.

In achieving their victory, WholisticTeam’s journey was a very challenging yet exciting one. Starting from an idea proposal and pitch deck online submission to create an innovation for a future banking experience; the team hustled their way to the In-Country level Hackathon where they pitched how to bring their idea to life to a selected panel of judges and finally won against 32 other teams from Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Cambodia with their idea of an app to solve the current banking industry’s problems in customer retention. “We pitched twice – first for five minutes in a small room to three judges, then for 10 minutes on the stage in front of everyone, as one of the top five teams. They didn’t announce which teams were going to do a second pitching until literally the second just before we had to go up and do it,” says Patrick. “I think that made for a very nerve-wracking but memorable experience.”

After winning the In-Country level of the competition, the next stage for WholisticTeam was pitching in the Regional level Grand Finale with other In-Country top 5 winners, now including teams from Malaysia, Indonesia,Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. This time, teams were also required to demonstrate a working prototype of their idea. Adding more to the challenge, an “X-Factor” was introduced on the day of the competition, which teams are required to work into their solution during the 22-hour Hackathon. Following the previous stage’s format, all teams are to make a five-minute pitch before the top three teams are called to pitch in front of judges and all participating teams of the Fintech track.

“What’s so great about this competition is the amount of exposure you get to industry players. Also, the learning is exponential,” says Jessica. During the process of developing their idea, teams were mentored by CIMB’s very own Digital Product Development team. All presenting teams also received valuable insights from their pitching rounds’ Q&A session with judges from CIMB’s management; Indonesian Fintech players such as Go-Jek, Modalku, Amartha, Bukalapak, Kudo, Cermati, and Pembayaran Digital Indonesia; and CIMB Group’s partners.

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Protocol 01 A.E. Digital Transformation
15 Jan 2018

Seminar in International Business (Special Guest Speaker from Lazada)

Seminar in International Business or SIB for short, is an annual event which is held by IBMers; to be specific, students from 3rd Semester and 7th Semester. Students from 3rd Semester will act as the marketers for the event and students from 7th Semester will act as the speakers of the event. SIB will focus on the business aspect which is applied in international world. SIB will share business experience from the expert. Not only that, SIB will also teach us about strategies and theories that we can apply in the real business world. There are case studies, theoretical background, coffee break, and also door prize; all of which will be brought to the audiences through a unique and thematic way.

The New Earth
New Earth will be a new way of doing business after the audiences have been digitally transformed. The old, conventional way of doing business is getting obsolete and that is why they need a training to achieve Digital Transformation to be prosper in the New Earth.
PROTOCOL 01 A.E. – The First Mission
In SIB 2015 PROTOCOL 01 A.E. which was located in T5, audiences were brought to a space shuttle to undergo a series of simulation to prepare them for the New Earth. The main topic of this SIB was how a business could reach Digital Transformation through three kinds of path. Audiences first were briefed by the commander of the spaceship (AVT 5.02) for their simulations.

The Simulations
Audiences then were rotated to three different paths, each with their own theories on how a business could reach Digital Transformation. There were also question and answer in each simulation rooms, in which audiences could get freebies as proof of being active throughout the simulation.

Coffee Break!
After undergoing a series of simulations, it was time for the audiences to take a rest and enjoy a coffee break. There were lots of snacks and drinks provided in two areas of T5.

The Case Studies
After taking enough break, audiences then were brought back to the spaceship to analyse a concrete example of companies which had already reached Digital Transformation. Xiaomi and Valve were the two concrete examples of it. Following that, a Questions and Answers session was up next. Questions were asked for the speakers from the lecturers, other SIB group members, and as well as the audiences.

Mission Accomplished!
At the end of the event, a special person was called to have a talk show. It was no other than the CCO of Lazada, René Janssen. He gave information on how an e-commerce company, specifically Lazada, could be successful up until now.

Digitally Transformed!
Finally, after finishing the event of SIB 2015 PROTOCOL 01 A.E. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, audiences will be ready to go to the New Earth be prosper there. All left now is for the audiences to apply the theory that they had learned in this event.

See you in the New Earth!

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