International Excursion Study 2023

04 Feb 2023

IBM International Excursion is an annual event held by the International Business Management program of Petra Christian University where IBM students are given the opportunity to travel out of the country to visit international companies and universities. The theme for this year’s IBM International Excursion was “Dawning through the Attainment of Arts”.

IBM International Excursion 2023 started with the students gathering at Juanda T2 Airport where they departed to Singapore. The event was scheduled for seven days but for the first day, the students were given the chance to take a rest for the night at V Hotel where the students arrived. The hotel was located in Lavender, Singapore.

On the second day in the afternoon, the students ventured to their first company visit, which was Bloomberg. The students were divided into three batches where each batch received a session lasting for an hour. The students were taught how to use Bloomberg Terminal and how they can utilise it for stocks and trading at an intermediate level. 

For the third day, the students were scheduled to visit SMU and Pearson. There were plenty of things to explore in SMU. Each building represents a different campus. After the session, everyone took a group photo and said their goodbyes. The students continued on the visit which was visiting Pearson. Mr. Jason Tan talked about how Pearson has helped universities and the learning system by providing their services.

On the fourth day, the students visited NUS and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. For the NUS visit, the students had a bus tour. There was Ebony Kim, who led the students through NUS. After the visit, everyone took a group picture and headed straight to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. At the Embassy, the students attended a seminar where the speakers talked about what businesses are good in a post-pandemic world and the potential of Indonesia’s economy when working together with Singapore.

For the fifth day, the students were given a day-off to explore Singapore. On the sixth day, the students were scheduled to visit P&G and LinkedIn. In P&G, Mr. Ilham talked about various brands that P&G has and the strategies they use as a consumer goods company. The visit ended with everyone taking a group photo. From P&G, the students travelled to LinkedIn, where they were greeted by Mr. David. Mr. David taught the students how to utilise their LinkedIn account in order to connect with more people.

For the last day, the students packed their belongings and they set off to Changi Airport, where they spent their time in Jewel before the flight. Everyone then arrived at Juanda T2 Airport where all of their parents awaited them. With all of that done, it wrapped the whole event of IBM International Excursion 2023.

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