Committee Community 2022

14 Okt 2022

Committee Community is an annual event that is held to transform new IBM students into future committee members who are equipped with the necessary soft skills, hard skills, and knowledge. This event will train new IBM students through one-on-one interviews, workshops with their chosen division, and presentations of an event that the participants come up with.

Committee Community 2022 started with the participants receiving basic materials from the speakers of every division. Then later, the participants joined a workshop to learn more details about the division they chose. During the workshop, the participants interacted more with the speakers, and they were also given a chance to ask questions. After the workshop, the participants were divided into groups, and were assigned to create an event that had already been determined by the committees. Each member represented a division that they chose, and they had to present what they came up with on the second day.

On the second day, Bu Evie Santoso, an alumnus of Petra Christian University, gave a presentation about LK Sinergi. During her presentation, she explained about the importance of joining an organization at Petra Christian University (PCU). She also encouraged the participants to join PCU's organizations like BEM, PERSMA, BPMF, and many more. After that, the participants went back to their assigned teams and then presented the event that they created in the first day. The groups then had a Q&A session with the speakers of each division, who also served as the judge. Lastly, the event was closed with a documentation session to commemorate the event.

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