IBM Welcome Party 2021: "Unimpeachable Navigation"

31 Jul 2021

Welcome Party is an event annually held by the International Business Management program of Petra Christian University. The purpose of this event was to introduce freshmen with the IBM’s culture as well to strengthen bond among the freshmen with each other.

Welcome Party 2021 with the theme "Unimpeachable Navigation" aimed to become a reliable navigation that provided freshmen with the necessary guidance on the International Business Management program, and to depict the togetherness of the freshmen with the symbol of one spaceship to achieve a common goal. During the activity, freshmen listened to some sharing session from the upper batch as well as played some ice-breaking games through mini games and mega games in the breakout rooms. Moreover, the committees also gave some time for them to get to know each other before playing together.

This year's Welcome Party 2021 was being held through Zoom meeting. There were 2 sharing sessions as well as four different games in the event which allowed the freshmen to know more about IBM and the community.

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