IBM Farewell 2021: "Reminiscence of Endeavours"

19 Jul 2021

The end of an academic year is always bittersweet. It is the time for graduation joy, and yet, it is also the time to say goodbye. At the end of the Even 2020/2021 semester, the IBM program bid farewell to Batch 2017 students, who had completed their journey at IBM and were getting ready for the next chapters of their lives.

The IBM Farewell this year was conducted online again due to the surging cases of COVID-19; however, that did not mean that the participants could not have fun. Batch 2017 students got to play games and laugh with lecturers and staff for the last time, while reminiscing their journey at IBM in the past four years. Their IBM journey was not always easy, but Batch 2017 made it through. Their journey after this may not always be easy either, but looking at how they pushed through, all of us here at IBM believe that they will make it through too.

Farewell, Batch 2017, may your will remain strong, your hearts kind, and your integrity upheld, even in the most difficult of times. God bless you all!

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