Professional Talk 2021: "Stabilis Incertus"

25 Mei 2021
On Friday, May 25th, 2021, IBM Program successfully held Professional Talk 2021 through Zoom. This year, the committees chose Stabilis Incertus as the theme for the talk, which means Steady in Uncertainty. A total of 219 people were in attendance.
There were three inspiring speakers in this year’s Professional Talk: Ms. Maria Rahajeng (digital content creator, TV host, author), Mr. Terry Santoso (Head of Marketing at Traveloka Experience), and Ms. Gitta Amelia (Forbes 30 Under 30, founder of Everhaus, co-founder of Ginsoo and Secondate). The moderator of the talk was Dr. Michael Hans, an IBM alumni as well as the Principal Attorney & Counselor at Law, Intellectual Property Consultant, Certified Legal Auditor, and Receiver & Administrator in Bankruptcy at the Law Offices of Dr. Michael Hans & Associates. During the talk, the speakers shared how the pandemic affected their job and how they managed to adapt in various situations.



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