Ice Breaking 2021: Amalgamation

03 Mar 2021

Ice Breaking is an annual event held by International Business Management Program of Petra Christian University. The purpose of this event is to build strong relationships among students across batches.

As indicated from the theme of the event, “Amalgamation,” Ice Breaking 2021 aims to unite the upper with the lower batch. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all activities to be held online which leads to minimal interaction between the upper and the lower batch. This condition is very unfortunate because the seniors play an important role in guiding their juniors to be able to navigate campus life at IBM. Hence, through the series of activities in this year’s ice breaking, we would like to connect the upper with the newer batch to help create a solid bond in the International Business Management Program.

For the first time, Ice Breaking 2021 is held online through Zoom. The sharing session as well as the games in the event have been arranged in such ways to not only build connections, but also to increase teamwork skills.

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