IBM Alumni Talk Series "Riding the CoviDigital Wave": Is Digitalization the Solution?

In the first part of IBM Alumni Talk Series, Albertus Andre Sujarwo, S.E., M.Sc., will do the honor of opening the series with the theme "Is Digitalization the Solution?" Together with the Head of IBM Program, Ruth Srininta Tarigan, S.Kom., MBA, Andre will discuss how digitalization helps businesses to achieve cost efficiency, restructure the businesses as well as the new skills needed for this new digital era.

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Seminar in International Business (SIB) 2018

Seminar in International Business (SIB) 2018 is a collaboration project between IBM’s 7th and 3rd semester students. Under the course of Seminar in International Business, 7th semester students conducted three mini seminars,  all of which were presented before the corporate partners of IBM. The overall event itself was organized and run by the 3rd semester students under the Marketing Management course. With the grand theme of Final Frontiers, the topic of the three seminars were Alibaba and Tencent: Tag-Team Rivalry, Fiat and Chrysler A: Breaching the Frenemies Frontier, and IKEA in Russia: The Frontier between Ethics and Excellence.
The three mini seminars, which lasted 20 minutes each, were attended by 46 corporate partners, such as PT.Sopanusa, PT. Moduit Digital Indonesia, PT. Samudera Biru Internasional (Samator Group), Sinar Mas Land, PT. Indoprima Gemilang (Indoprima Group), PT. Meratus Line, PT. Indofood Bogasari, and many more. The event concluded with a networking dinner where the companies and the 7th semester students could mingle and interact to discuss possible future internship and work placements.



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