Calon Mahasiswa

The focus of the teaching – learning process is business management in international / transnational scale. The teaching material consists of two basics, International Business Function and Regional Studies. All materials and medium of instruction for the lectures are in English.

The goal of the process is to produce professional bachelors with high integrity in international business management that can be seen through the following for of competence, namely:

  • Knowledge in connection with international business (intellectual)
  • Upright way of thinking and mentality in cross-cultural communication (mental)
  • Managerial skill which is based on self-management (internal skill)
  • Sensivity and competence in developing the community (external skill)



  • Free required textbook for all courses, free handouts
  • Various Partial Scholarships (achievement-based), First Year’s Academic Tutorial
  • Theatre-Style classrooms, Student Lounge, and lockers
  • Periodicals (Business Magazines and Newspapers)



  • Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
  • Joint Degree with Saxion University, Netherlands and Soongsil University, South Korea
  • Nestle Indonesia, PT. Batara Beautiful / Bantex, PT. Sinar Galaxy, PT. SMART
  • Bank International Indonesia (BII), HSBC, HCOS
  • Kalbe Nutritionals, Bedrock International, Astra International, Araya, Polygon, Bayer-Schering, Samator, Sopanusa


Professional Prospects

  • Export-Import professional, Consumer Behaviour Analyst
  • Business Process Manager and Entrepreneur with global orientation
  • Training Manager and Expert Marketing across culture
  • Regional / Country Analyst
  • International Corporate Finance Manager, International Business Public Speakers.