Hendri Aria Putra, S.E.
Lulusan tahun 2010
""Being part of IBM is a blessing. I remember what my friend, Pilipus Aditya from batch 2006 said, "Being here in IBM is not a coincidence, it must serve some purpose and meaning". And yes, throughout my years, I felt very grateful for the experience I had. Beyond the knowledge and skills, we learned about work ethics, we tasted the struggles of competition and the importance of hard work before entering the life after graduation. The best thing I learned in IBM is the value of excellence. This is what I saw and learned from our lecturers. Most of them are either the Head of Department or business practitioners, and through them, I learned that beyond academic skills, the spirit of excellence- to strive to always give our best, and to live a life with meaning is the most important key to be successful in whatever we do. Ad majorem Dei gloriam.” Demandailing Café and Eatery (September 2011 – Current) Owner
David Angdi, S.E.
Lulusan tahun 2011
"“Globalization is not a choice anymore, and with the growth in outbound and inbound investments across the globe, corporations and businesses are required to be resilient in adapting to the changes in the international business environment. As potential global business leaders and managers, equipping ourselves with relevant managerial, leadership and technical skills will be critical to be successful in such a dynamic, integrated environment. IBM program at Petra Christian University helped me to develop the needed skill sets to navigate the ever-increasing demand in the corporate world, the confidence to deal with stakeholders from different backgrounds, and the capability of managing challenges that take place in both entrepreneurial and/or professional contexts.” Janssen Asia Pacific – Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson (August 2015 – Current) Commercial Insights Manager, Asia Pacific
Andre Kristianto Tjahyana, S.E., B.Ba., M.Sc.
Lulusan tahun 2015
""I'm grateful to IBM because my time there enabled me to thrive in the international business stage. This is true for both my academic pursuit for my Master's degree in Europe and for my current role in Unilever's global headquarters. IBM offered a lot of "out-of-the-box" courses such as theatre, philosophy and presentations skills, which at the time seemed to be less important. However, as I realised today, these courses really helped to set me apart from other professionals. There are three things in specific from IBM that stuck with me the most - Business Acumen, People Skills and International exposure. Business acumen is not only limited to the subjects that I studied, but the combination of the lectures and programs infused me with business understanding and mindset. People skills include how to conduct yourself in a professional manner, negotiation skills and the ever so important storytelling skills; all of which are gained not only through formal courses but also through the student association. Through IBM I was able to get great international opportunities in Korea, Japan and The Netherlands - these opportunities directly impacted me and helped to propel me to the international stage. To conclude - I believe that IBM is a platform that enables you to equip yourself with relevant skills for the International Business world. It is also a very memorable experience filled with driven student that are now my friends for life - if you choose to join IBM you will face a lot of challenges but don't forget to have fun and enjoy the journey along the way." Unilever Global Headquarters for Food & Refreshment - The Netherlands Global Insights Analyst
Kevin Wibowo, S.E.
Lulusan tahun 2016
""The IBM program is an out-of-the-box program, as it strives to become more business-minded than research-minded. The faculty and the program understand that the workforce of tomorrow thinks beyond the textbook, and this principle has led the design of the curriculum to be heavily focused on shaping the right mindset. Furthermore, the program provides a more valuable lesson than just the curriculum; The program builds on the right values. Throughout the 4-year program, students are pushed to drive their professionalism, entrepreneurship, ambition, determination, and integrity. Without which, no curriculum can shape the character of the students." McKinsey & Company, Jakarta (January 2017 - Current) Business Analyst


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